Red Dog Artisan Foods

Authentic flavours from different BBQ regions around the United States. BBQ Sauces, Chili Jellies, Marinades, Dry Rubs & Sea Salts. All products handmade locally & 100% fresh.

The story began in 2010.

The Californian Yank moved to the Kingdom of Mourne; his wife’s hometown in Northern Ireland.
From the United States they brought with them, a passion for America’s favorite barbecue flavours, which they have been carefully developing into unique recipes for over 30 years.

Here, on the Eastern Side of the Atlantic, in a unique range of Red Dog Foods products, they allow us to experience and taste authentic flavours from the different Regions of States.

For them, the products they re-created; represents not just different flavours, but also everything they love about good food and great barbecuing.
The quality, care and thoughtfulness that has been put into creating those unique flavours can be seen or, actually tasted, in each and every Red Dog Foods product.

“So many of our Relatives, Friends and Neighbours have gone on Holidays to the US and came back with fond memories of GREAT BBQ they ate. They were missing it back at home, because they couldn’t find that flavour anywhere.
So, we decided to recreate those flavours for them, using the recipes we have collected and produced from all over America.

We want to bring those recipes and flavours – our passion – to you too; and to anyone who has a great taste for an amazing and authentic foods.

We hope you’ll enjoy them.”
– Barbara Ann & Paul – Californian Yank

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