Morco 11 Litre EUP Room Sealed Water Heater – for Vertical flues


Room sealed, fan flued instantaneous LPG gas water heater. The EUP11RSVERT is the equivalent to the F11EL

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This item: Morco 11 Litre EUP Room Sealed Water Heater - for Vertical flues

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Morco 11 Litre EUP Room Sealed Water Heater – for Vertical flues

The Morco EUP11RSVERT is a room sealed, fan flued instantaneous LPG gas water heater. This means its operation is independent of the room it is installed in, as the air for combustion is obtained from outside the home and the flue gases are expelled outside the home. It is therefore suitable for use in Leisure Accommodation Vehicles (LAVs) such as boats and caravan holiday homes. We do not recommend the use of this appliance in motorhomes. Ignition of the flame is electronic and will take place automatically when a hot tap is opened. The appliance does not store hot water.

The EUP11RSVERT is the equivalent to the F11EL. It is EUP compliant with the same power output as the F11EL.

The flues and fitting kits for this new heater are different from those used on the F11EL. The EUP11RSVERT can only be flued vertically using the RSF045 flue. This cannot be adapted in the field to fit a horizontal flue. The fitting kit required is the PKE.

A 43mm flue restrictor ring is likely to be required for installation, dependent on total flue length. This will be included in RSF045 flue kit.

A conversion document to make the replacement of an F11EL with an EUP11RSVERT more straightforward is contained within the fitting/conversion kit. This can also be found in the User Manual tab section below.

Technical Info

Gas Type: LPG
Flow rate: 8 Litres per minute approx. at 35 degree temperature rise
Dimensions: H 658 W 304 D 238

  • Fully EuP compliant
  • Room Sealed
  • Fan flued
  • Can only be flued vertically (RSF045) – for a horizontally flued appliance please see the EUP11RS
  • Electronic ignition
  • Mains electricity required
  • Can be used on a 12v system with a small inverter
  • Must be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer

Technical Drawings

User Manual

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We offer a 14 day return window on receipt of your goods. You will be responsible for the collection cost if the product is not faulty or damaged. Our full return and refund policy can be viewed at the bottom of this page under 'Refund Policy' or by clicking the return icon above.



Morco standard warranty period is two years from date of commission for the GB boilers and one year for the FEB models and all water heaters. If the appliance is an original fitment in a brand-new caravan holiday home, any problems within the standard warranty period will need to be reported to point of sale for the holiday home, for example the park or dealer. There is no requirement to register warranty with Morco. If the below information can be provided this will help speed up the process:

Model Number of the Appliance - e.g. EUP6 or GB24 IV etc.
Description of the problem - e.g. appliance fails to ignite or central heating works but no hot water
The fault code, if the appliance has an LCD display.

For any appliances which are not original fitments in holiday homes, Morco would usually recommend asking the commissioning engineer to reattend and call their technical helpline on 01482 325 456 from in front of the appliance. Please note, Morco may ask for a copy of the commissioning certificate in these cases. Warranty on appliances which were not fitted into holiday homes at manufacture is parts and advice. For more information regarding the warranty on individual appliances, please see the warranty section from within the instruction manual. If you have any further questions regarding Morco's warranty, please contact us.


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Morco 11 Litre EUP Room Sealed Water Heater – for Vertical flues