Kratki Leo 200 3 Sided Glass Gas Fire


The stunning Kratki Leo 200 3 sided glass front fire makes the perfect centerpiece of any room. Thanks to a panoramic view of the fire in LEO, a discreet frame of the facade and external elements are kept to a minimum, and the fire is visible in the foreground.

Balanced flue fire. Supplied with up and out flue. Comprising off  1 x 1000mm section 1 x 90 bend 1 x 750mm wall terminal. Extra flue and fittings can be added from Fire & Stove Accessories.

The Kratki Fire range has a 2/3 week delivery time.

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Maximum Use of Energy

  • An innovative, elegant gas insert with a horizontal and realistic view of the fire.
  • High quality, convenience, and simplicity of use.
  • An undisturbed view of the fire is thanks to the facade’s concealed frame and the minimal number of visible steel elements.
  • A specially designed burner provides a realistic view of fire like in a real wood-burning fireplace—additional flame height adjustment.

Safety at the Highest Level

The device has a CE certificate, which guarantees the safety of use, protection of health and the environment. The hermetically closed combustion chamber gives the highest degree of safety; In case of any problems with the air-flue gas duct or the gas supply, the fireplace is automatically extinguished.

Convenient Use

  • Thermostatic control: complete control with a dedicated remote control equipped with a thermostat.
  • Choice of fuel: the insert with a sealed chamber features an option to use either LPG or natural gas as fuel.
  • Traditional chimney not required – a system of concentric ducts facilitates installation in rooms without a chimney. The ducts need to be run to the outside, through a wall or roof.
  • Timer: option to pre-program a heating schedule even seven days in advance.
  • No external source of power required

Additional information

Weight 236 kg
Dimensions 207.6 × 48.1 × 89.7 cm
Gas Type

LPG Propane Gas, Natural Mains Gas


Height: 897mm
Width: 2076mm
Depth: 481mm
Weight: 236kg
Heat Output: 12.5kw
Flue Outlet: Balance Flue, 200mm x 130mm
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or LPG Option
Control Type: Remote Control

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Kratki Leo 200 3 Sided Glass Gas Fire