Kratki Leo 100 3 Sided Gas Fire


Thanks to a panoramic view of the fire in Kratki Leo 100 3 sided gas fire, a discreet frame of the facade and external elements are kept to a minimum, and the fire is visible in the foreground.

Balanced flue fire. Supplied with up and out flue. Comprising off 1 x 1000mm section 1 x 90 bend 1 x 750mm wall terminal. Extra flue and fittings can be added from Fire & Stove Accessories.

The Kratki Leo Fire range has a 2/3 week delivery time.

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Maximum Use of Energy

  • An innovative, elegant gas insert with a horizontal and realistic view of the fire.
  • High quality, convenience, and simplicity of use.
  • An undisturbed view of the fire is thanks to the facade’s concealed frame and the minimal number of visible steel elements.
  • A specially designed burner provides a realistic view of fire like in a real wood-burning fireplace, with additional flame height adjustment.

Safety at the Highest Level

The Kratki Leo 100 3 Sided Gas Fire has a CE certificate, which guarantees the safety of use, protection of health and the environment. The hermetically closed combustion chamber gives the highest degree of safety, In case of any problems with the air-flue gas duct or the gas supply, the fireplace is automatically extinguished.

Convenient Use

  • Thermostatic control: complete control with a dedicated remote control equipped with a thermostat.
  • Choice of fuel: the insert with a sealed chamber features an option to use either LPG or natural gas as fuel.
  • Traditional chimney not required – a system of concentric ducts facilitates installation in rooms without a chimney. The ducts need to be run to the outside, through a wall or roof.
  • Timer: option to pre-program a heating schedule even seven days in advance.
  • No external source of power required

Additional information

Weight106 kg
Dimensions115.5 × 48.0 × 90.3 cm
Gas Type

LPG Propane Gas, Natural Mains Gas


Height: 903mm
Width: 1155mm
Depth: 480mm
Weight: 106kg
Heat Output: 8.2kw
Flue Outlet: Balance Flue, 150mm x 100mm
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or LPG Option
Control Type: Remote Control


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Kratki Leo 100 3 Sided Gas Fire
Kratki Leo 100 3 Sided Gas Fire