Kratki Flue 45° Coaxial Elbow 100/150


45° acid-resistant double-wall elbow designed for removing fumes from gas-fired appliances.

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45° acid-proof, double-wall elbow, used to create an air-flue system with a closed combustion chamber.

BI-GAS is a selected and hydraulically optimized solution that also has self-cleaning properties. The system works under vacuum (it is not equipped with gaskets).


  • diameter: 100/150 mm
  • temperature resistance: 600°C
  • equipped with fastening clamps
  • tested at CERIC
  • material: stainless steel (austenitic) 1.4404 inside, (316L, L50), 1.4301 external L20.

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Kratki Flue 45° Coaxial Elbow 100/150