Lifestyle Eden Greenhouse Gas Heater Green 2kW


Bringing convenience and practicality to gas greenhouse heating, the Lifestyle Eden series features a brilliant self-ignition system. Thermostat controlled, the Eden offers heat when needed most and happily sits on standby upon reaching your set temperature.

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Introducing the Lifestyle Eden Greenhouse Gas Heater Green 2kW, recognized as the top choice in Heating Force’s esteemed roundup of “Best Greenhouse Heaters on the Market in 2022”.

Effortlessly combining innovation with reliability, the Lifestyle Eden series revolutionises gas greenhouse heating with its cutting-edge features.

Self Ignition System

Experience the ultimate in convenience with its thermostat-controlled self-ignition system. The Eden ensures optimal warmth precisely when needed, seamlessly transitioning to standby mode once your desired temperature is reached.

Smart Safety System

Safety takes centre stage with the Eden’s intelligent design. Equipped with an Oxygen Depletion System (ODS), this heater maintains efficient operation while ensuring a steady flow of oxygen. Should conditions become unfavourable for heating, rest assured knowing that the heater automatically shuts off, safeguarding both your precious plants and occupants. Plus, with the Flame Failure Device (FFD), gas flow to the burner halts until conditions are ideal for heating again, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Fit for average-sized greenhouses (<60ft²)

Designed to meet the needs of average-sized greenhouses (up to 60ft²), the powerful 2000W burner of the Eden swiftly and effectively heats your space, making it an ideal companion for maintaining optimal growing conditions.

Backed by a 12-month Lifestyle warranty, this greenhouse gas heater not only offers superior performance but also comes complete with a gas hose and Propane regulator for added convenience.


Heat Output : 2 kW
Power: 2000W
Gas Type: Propane
Dimensions: Width: 33 cms | Depth : 13 cms | Height: 48.5 cms
Box Dimensions: Width: 17 cms | Depth : 45 cms | Height: 36 cms
Weight: 4.5 kg

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Eden Greenhouse Heater Green 2kW
Lifestyle Eden Greenhouse Gas Heater Green 2kW