Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater


The Sahara 15kW heat focus patio heater is perfect for keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable during your outdoor entertaining evenings.  A unique feature of the Sahara patio heater range. The revolutionary heat focus reflector directs all the heat exactly where you want it, by simply adjusting the heat focus handle.

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This item: Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater

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Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater

This is the ultimate outdoor gas appliance and ensures you can remain outdoors even when the sun has gone down. With features such as heat focus direction, instant electric ignition, sleek design, and 15Kw of pure power, this patio heater is the top decision for planning your summer.

Heat Focus Reflector

A typical gas patio heater in the UK and Ireland is designed with uniform heat output in a circular direction. Consequently, a significant amount of heat is directed away from where it is needed most. The design on the 15kW gas patio heater provides a handle to change the angle of the reflector. Moving the mirror puts you in control of where the outdoor patio heater directs the warmth. Because you are getting the entire output from the heater, you can turn down the level and reduce gas consumption.

Instant Electric Ignition

This revolutionary outdoor gas heater features an electric ignition system. Unlike other systems, all you need to get the gas patio heater operational is a single push button, ensuring you get a giant spark always in the right spot for perfect ignition each time

Safety Features

Safety should always be considered when using an outdoor gas heater in your back garden, especially when it comes to young children. The 15Kw gas patio heater is designed with safety in mind. This patio heater has a sturdy weighted base to prevent falling over. Also, flame failure and anti-tilt switch features prevent any severe accidents. You can sit back and relax in the peace of mind that you are covered for any mishaps!


Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions98 × 98 × 244 cm


Max Heat Output: 15 kW
Fuel Type: Propane Gas
Overall Dimensions: Diameter: 98 cms | Height: 244 cms
Weight: 35 kg


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Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater