Kratki Patio Gas Heater – Black

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The Kratki Patio Gas Heater is the perfect solution for those looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their outdoor space. What sets the Kratki Patio Gas Heater apart is its unique feature – a visible fire from all four sides, making it the one and only terrace or garden patio heater.  The Kratki Patio Gas Heater comes equipped with a Kratki logo weather cover.

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Kratki Patio Gas Heater – Black

Modern Patio Heater Design

The Kratki Patio Gas Heater’s modern design suits almost anywhere. The heater can be an elegant decoration on the home’s terrace or in the garden. It can also be used in restoration and the hotel industry as an exciting addition to dining and leisure. The attractive appearance and pleasurable warmth of the Kratki Patio Gas Heater will make gardens and terraces full of guests during spring, summer, and winter evenings.

Convenient Use

The Kratki Patio Gas Heater does not emit any sounds or smells. Its activity does not influence air circulation, which is particularly essential for allergic users. It is easy to move and place in the chosen area due to equipped wheels. When we settle it at the target point, we can lock the wheels and place their legs. The device can continuously work with full power, continually up to 30 hours.

The Kratki Patio Gas Heater does not require glass cleaning since fire does not emit smoke. Its launch is effortless and intuitive through one button located in the lower chamber of the furnace.

Heater Safety on the Highest Level

Kratki Patio Gas Heater is powered by liquid gas from the cylinder hidden in the housing. Flames are enclosed in a glass cell, which shields us from direct contact with fire. This allows you to admire the fire under full control. The device uses tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm. The lower part of the device casing is made of steel, covered with powder paint. Thanks to this, The Kratki Patio Gas Heater is resistant to damage.

The lower chamber of the device is protected against unauthorised opening by a mounted lock in the door. A push-to-open system opens the doors themselves. The upper construction of the heater ensures protection against the burning fire. Additionally, it evenly distributes the heat generated in it in four directions.

Kratki Patio Gas Heater is equipped with a special anti-tilt valve. In the device’s case, overturning automatically cuts off the gas supply to the controller, which extinguishes the flame. The device is not dependent on an electrical system. That is why we are sure that even in the absence of electricity, it will illuminate the terrace or garden.

The heater is equipped with a fully secured and advanced manual gas control system, preventing uncontrolled fuel leak.

Additionally, the Kratki Patio Gas Heater is equipped with a thermocouple sensor, which cuts off the burner’s gas supply when the burner’s controlled flame is blown out.

  • Free Kratki logo weather cover provided

Additional information

Weight63 kg
Dimensions46.7 × 46.7 × 155.3 cm


Height: 1553mm
Width: 467mm
Depth: 467mm
Weight: 63kg
Heat Output: 8.2kw
Fuel Type: LPG Gas


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Kratki Patio Gas Heater – Black
Original price was: £675.00.Current price is: £575.00.