BBQ Accessory 4 Piece Gift Set


Elevate your outdoor cooking game with our BBQ Accessory 4 Piece Gift Set. This carefully curated collection includes Meat Shredding Claws for effortless shredding, a Burger Press for perfectly shaped burgers, a Chicken Rack for succulent grilled chicken, and a Silicone Basting Brush for easy marinade application. Become the master of the grill and impress your family and friends with appetising dishes every time

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BBQ Accessory 4 Piece Gift Set

Become the master of the grill with this ultimate BBQ accessory 4 piece gift set!

Elevate your outdoor cooking game with this carefully curated collection of high-quality tools designed to enhance your grilling experience. With our BBQ accessory gift set, you’ll be able to create mouth-watering dishes that will impress your family and friends every time.

Meat Shredding Claws

The centrepiece of this set is our ergonomically designed Meat Shredding Claws, made from durable stainless steel. These claws are perfect for effortlessly shredding meat, allowing you to achieve that perfect pulled pork texture with ease. Whether you’re preparing tender pulled pork sandwiches or deliciously seasoned burritos, these shredding claws will make the process quick and efficient.

Burger Press

Our authentic Burger Press, crafted from sturdy aluminium, will enable you to create perfectly shaped, homemade burgers that are sure to impress. With its non-stick surface, this burger press ensures consistent burgers every time. Get creative with your burger recipes and enjoy juicy, restaurant-quality burgers right in your own back garden.

Chicken Rack

For all the chicken lovers out there, our easy-to-assemble Chicken Rack is an absolute game-changer. Made from durable stainless steel, this rack provides space for up to 14 drumsticks, allowing you to cook a large batch of succulent, perfectly grilled chicken. The Chicken Rack allows excess fat to drip away, resulting in crispy, mouthwatering chicken every time.

Silicone Basting Brush

Adding flavour and moisture to your grilled creations is made easy with our handy Silicone Brush. This brush is perfect for applying marinades, sauces, or glazes onto your meats. The heat-resistant silicone bristles are gentle on your food and won’t shed like traditional brushes. The sturdy handle ensures a comfortable grip and precise control for easy application.

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Weight1.2 kg


Meat Shredding Claws: 108 x 115 x 15mm (HWD)
Burger Press: Base 20mm, Diameter 120mm, Press Height: 75mm
Chicken Rack: 145 x 455 x 145mm (HWD fully assembled)
Silicone Brush: 207 x 10mm

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BBQ Accessory 4 Piece Gift Set